Complete guide to staying fit through the lazy rainy season

The rains are something we love to get drenched in after experiencing the heat waves of the summer. It’s a love – hate relationship with the rains. though you like the rain, the climate overhauls your wardrobe and spurts in laziness and lethargy.

The monsoon takes a toll on fitness levels too—especially with lazy status on you ditch the regime and crave for some hot burning deep fried food. Along with this also comes in season sickness. To keep your shape and health streaming live, here are a few thing you can do:

Fitness Plan Mindset
The goal might be for weight loss or muscle build, you may lump. Your plan should pivot to fitness and ameliorate your performance at weight loss or muscle build.

Workout is important
Rain has flooded your jogging track? Burn with cardio workouts or splurge with HIIT at home to keep your endurance in check.

Starving is not the key to fitness
Eat every 2 hours and keep yourself well hydrated.  Compensate late lunch with a late snack. Remember to keep away from unhealthy foods which would cause overheating. Ensure you don’t starve and stay nourished

Enjoy those Cravings
Fried food cravings are a normal temptation during this season, our roots come with some yummy fried food. Don’t shun these, instead, treat yourself for being healthy from all your other meals. Cheating the regime once or twice a week is okay. Ensure to balance it out with some extra workout to keep your Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) high.

Go healthy snacking
Fitness doesn’t come with an hour or work or a meal of diet, it’s a continuous regime. You got to be quite calculative choosing what you eat. If you are a mom or working at professional, evening breaks are something you don’t want to miss but choose to munch on a handful of nuts instead of high-calorie pastries or fried food. You can also a simple peanut salad with chopped onions, tomatoes and handful of unsalted peanuts and seasoning with you and toss it up in the evening for a fresh, delicious snack.

Never forget your greens
For centuries, leafy greens are made a very important part of our meal. Season to season, the type of greens we need to take changes. Some say leafy greens during rain may lead to infection. However, the human race is prone to infections anytime of the year. In contrary,  raw vegetables and greens build you immune system. Just remember to chew them well!

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